Tania Lebrija Swasbrook

President of Operations and Luxury Travel Designer
Tania Lebrija Swasbrook

Tania grew up in the travel industry given her mother founded Travelworld in 1978 (one of the first Virtuoso Members). She moved to New York for 3 years to work with Virtuoso and then finished her masters in London before returning to head up the Luxury segment at Travelworld. An avid traveler herself, Tania specializes in ultra luxury travel with a particular passion for wellness, romance and adventure.

What's more, Tania believes in Long Term Travel planning and is part of an exclusive group to launch this concept, Virtuoso Wanderlist. A groundbreaking consumer travel planning experience that marries technology with the human touch, Wanderlist curates a clients travel portfolio taking into consideration where they have been, want to go, how they like to travel and pairs it with their loved ones. It is based on detailed input from clients themselves versus reactively planning one trip at a time. Wanderlist is an industry game-changer.

Whether you’re looking for help on your next trip or want to explore how to turn your dreams into a Wanderlist travel plan, she would love an opportunity to learn more about you.

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