Fabian Lebrija

Travel Agent
Fabian Lebrija

Fabian Lebrija began his career in the travel industry at a young age in 2004. He graduated from University of San Diego, from which he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration.

Through his work and own extensive travel, Fabian has made excellent contacts with domestic and international suppliers in most parts of the world. He has visited over 70 countries, including travel to Maldives, Botswana, Japan, Colombia, among others. Fabian has also cruised aboard more than 50 ships, and has travelled extensively throughout Europe, South America and North America.

As a Travelworld travel designer, Fabian specializes in luxury travel throughout all parts of the World. With his 15+ years of experience, Fabian’s clients appreciate his commitment to confidentiality and his ability to tailor travel plans to fit all their needs.

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